– Not in Digital Marketing? Forget it! You will never have a sustainable brand!

  • Law 1 – Invest in Digital Marketing 


Forgotten the basics of brand management? Do not even think of building a mega-brand!

  • Law 2 – Never forget the basics of pharma branding.


Don’t possess high technical skills? Then how can you ever possess a mega-brand?

  • Law 3 – Have strong technical skills of your and competitive brands.


Are you differentiating your brand or the molecule? It is brand differentiation alone, and not molecule differentiation, which is the pathway to a mega-brand.

  • Law 4 – Differentiate your brand and not the generic molecule.


Using too much of technical jargon? Both physician’s and the primary customers find pharma communication boring and dull and ‘ir-repeatable’!

  • Law 5 – Dump pharma mindset and develop FMCG-mindset in your communication.

13 laws

You think brand managers alone can build brands? You are almost a schizophrenic – having lost touch with reality.

  • Law 6 – You cannot build a pharma brand without the First-line Leaders.


Are you working in isolation – without knowing competition? – Then how can you differentiate?

  • Law 7 – Know competition like the back of your hand.


Want to succeed as a brand manager and don’t have world-class presentation and communications skills? You are daydreaming.

  • Law 8 – Invest in building world-class presentation and communications skills.


Fantasizing to build a mega-brand without doing a regular brand audit? Possible! Go ahead – in your own LITTLE WORLD OF FANTASY.

  • Law 9 – To build a mega-brand, it is mandatory to do a regular brand audit


Don’t have an appealing brand name? RIP my dear ‘Could-Have-Been-Brand’.

  • Law 10 – Branding starts with the brand name.


Still focusing only on physicians in your brand-building activities? Have you heard of the story of the dog who barked at the wrong tree?

  • Law 11 – Embed patient-centricity in your brand strategy.


Have you created a niche for you brand to reach the minds and heart of physicians?

  • Law 12 – Move away from the Red Ocean into The Blue Ocean.

Looking only at sales volumes and not at prescriptions? – Can I be the Chief Priest when the world says: “शान्ति! शान्ति! शान्ति! स्वर्गीय ब्रँड “?

  • Law 13 – Focus on prescription generation – move away from sales volumes.

Vivek Hattangadi

Vivek Hattangadi

Chief Mentor at ‘The Enablers’


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