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Sun pharma quiz compressed

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1. In which year Sun Pharma was established with 5 psychiatry products & 2 person marketing team?

2. In which year Sun Pharma Launched its IPO?

3. Which company plant was acquired by Sun Pharma in 1996?

4. Which is the first international acquisition of Sun Pharma?

5. In 2014, Sun Pharma Acquired which major pharma company of India & in how much?

6. In a recent Acquisition, how many brands of Novartis were taken by Sun Pharma & when?

7. When did Sun Pharma started its first research centre for product & process development?

8. In which year Sun Pharma started sale of its drugs across India?

9. Which important drug was launched by Sun Pharma In USA in 2016?

10. How many manufacturing sites ( API & finished dose) are operational worldwide?

11. How is Israel Makov (Former President & CEO of Teva Pharmaceuticals) Related to Sun Pharma?

12. In 2018, at which major Plant of Sun Pharma US FDA inspection was conducted & clearance was given?

13. How much is the Sun Pharma Workforce & Global Revenues?

14. What is the Rank of Sun Pharma among Indian Pharmaceutical companies?

15. What is the Market capitalization of Sun Pharma?

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