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Alkem compressed

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1. In which year Alkem was Established?

2. In how many countries does Alkem products are marketed?

3. How many Brands does Alkem have in its portfolio?

4. What precntage of over all revenues does Alkem had in 2016 from International Business?

5. How many manufacturing units Alkem is having?

6. When did Alkem completed the IPO offering?

7. Alkem acquired ______, a company engaged in the development of biosimilars in India in the year____.

8. In which year the Topshot Brand “Clavam” crossed Rs. 2,000 million in terms of domestic sales in India?

9. As per the ALKEM LABORATORIES LTD. ANNUAL REPORT 2016-17, How much was the recenue of Alkem?

10. As on 31st March, 2017, What was the market capitalization of Alkem?

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