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Intas copmressed Qioz

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1. In Which Year Intas was Established?

2. How much the domestic business contributes to Intas of the total revenue?

3. How many sales personnel working with Intas?

4. In how many countries does Intas Operates Internationally?

5. Intas is India’s _____ biosimilars manufacturing unit to receive European Union - Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP) certification

6. ______ Healthcare Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Intas, in operation since 2007 in USA.

7. As on 31-Mar-2017 what was the revenue from its operations for Intas?

8. How many scientists are working in R & D for Intas?

9. Intas operates___ formulation manufacturing facilities & API and _____intermediate manufacturing facilities.

10. Intas operates in ______, _______& __________ divisions.

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