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Torretn compressed

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1. In which year Torrent Pharmaceuticals was founded?

2. In 2017-18, what were the Revenues from India & Total?

3. Torrent on 14th Dec, 2017 has completed the acquisition of branded business of ________ for India and Nepal

4. The Company has in total more than ______ field force and ___ C&Fs.

5. How many ANDA approvals received by Torrent in 2017-18?

6. How many subsidiaries companies does Torrent have?

7. In how many countries Torrent is Operational?

8. What is the field force of Torrent in India?

9. In January 2018, Torrent acquired __________ a generic pharmaceuticals and OTC Company, based in Levittown Pennsylvania, USA.

10. In 2017, torrent acquired Women Healthcare brands from an International MNC, name it?

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