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For those friends who are looking for a change in job especially in the pharma sector, 7 points to consider before you take a decision!

I am writing this from my own experience and that of my close friends.

If you have a stable job in a good company and if you are looking for a change, what are those things which you should consider?

  1. Don’t look at short term gains – look only at long-term gains.
  2. Study the culture of the company you have decided to join. Will you be comfortable in that culture? While being ready for ‘cultural shocks, you should also be ready to adopt the new culture.
  3. Be very, very careful of start-ups. Study the entrepreneur’s vision before taking a decision. Sometimes, people join a company because it was started by their ex-VP / ex-CEO etc. A thorough scrutiny needs to be done as I have seen many such companies winding up their operations in just one-to-two years.
  4. Study the attrition rate in that company. If the attrition rate is high, examine why? Why has this position been created? Expansion or attrition? If attrition, why?
  5. Today, many companies are ready to offer any designation you want. Beware of that. Is there an up gradation in you roles and responsibilities?
  6. Don’t go by promises especially in terms of the package offered. Don’t go by blind statements such as: “Ok you, you will get what you want after 1 year.” Accept as reality only what is offered now. Check your perks and get it in black & white like which types of hotels / travel are allowed for your grade.
  7. Finally, beware of the head-hunters and placement agencies. They are seldom your friends or well-wishers. They are more interested in their commissions than your career progress. Of course, exceptions may be there.


Vivek Hattangadi

Vivek Hattangadi

Chief Mentor at ‘The Enablers’


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