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1. When was Inventia Healthcare established and where?

2. What was the former name of Inventia?

3. What services or products does Inventia offers?

4. Where is Inventia’s R& D department located?

5. In which year Inventia developed the Novel drug delivery system (NDDS) for the products?

6. When did Inventia Healthcare signed first commercial contract with Glaxo Pharma and Rhone Poulanc?

7. In which year Invetia’s R& D centre got approval by the Ministry of Science & Technology

8. When did Inventia filed patent process for its Anti- Diabetic molecule

9. For how many patents Inventia got grant and in which year?

10. In which year Inventia decided to Finalize to transfer its 3 technologies to overseas and Indian Pharma companies?

11. In which year Inventia’s Ambernath manufacturing facility started?

12. When did Inventia’s Ambernath manufacturing facility operationalized and received WHO GMP certification?

13. How many different divisions does Inventia is having?

14. Number of Global Partners does Inventia is having are __________

15. The owrkforce of Inventia varies from _______

16. In how many countries Inventia has globally reached?

17. Where does Inventia’s advanced Pharmaceutical and Technology centre located?

18. When did Inventia got approval for ANDA for 2 products in US and 1 product in Europe

19. In 2014- 15 Inventia filled_____ ANDA and commercialized its____ product in USA

20. When did Inventia’s Ambernath manufacturing centre got US FDA approval with (0) 483 after inspection of facility?

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