The Brand Vision – Quintessence for Pharma Brands


The anchor of a Brand Plan should be its vision – The Brand Vision. A mystical Brand Vision, that’s what it should be. A Brand Vision should draw the audience towards a cherished aspiration.

It is about a dream!

Why do you need a Brand Vision?

Along with a good strong brand name, the Brand Vision is the foundational document of your brand. It tells the audience what you want to achieve.

Methodical approaches to state a Brand Vision:

Quintessential “Why”

Start with the WHY. Why does your brand exist? It should be memorable and inspirational. The “WHY” tells everyone that one thing that will help to motivate them to make your brand their Darling Brand!

Short and Crisp

The Brand Vision should be a short and snappy statement about how your brand is trying to help the patients to free them from anguish and distress. Two sentences are the supreme maximum for crafting a Brand Vision! You may be tempted to expand on your Brand Vision statement with more details. Resist that enticement. What you need is a story that is crisp, punchy and memorable.

Exercise Precaution

More important than what to say in your Brand Vision, know what not to say! This kind of ‘limiter’ helps you to sacrifice and leave out those huge opportunities which do not contribute to your Brand Vision. Any significant action you take should take you forward towards your Brand Vision.

Specific and Targeted

The Brand Vision has to be specific to that therapeutic area you have segmented.

Unique Selling Proposition

The Brand Vision describes the unique outcome that only your brand can provide. Generic vision statements that could apply to any brand won’t cut ice. Avoid the antes.

Easy to Comprehend

Shun words that are ambiguous or are open to misinterpretation.

Simple and Subtle

Keep it simple enough for both your internal and external people who will be associated with your brands. Say ‘no’ to technical jargon, shallow cliches and bombastic claims.

Value Alignment

Your Brand Vision has to align with the values of your organization. Let your people speak highly about your brand whether they are working or during their leisure time.


Harmonize confidence and clarity in Brand Vision

Spell out the Big Dream succinctly. Be ambitious enough to excite everyone but not too ambitious that it appears unachievable. You may time-frame your vision. But certainly, anything that has a time-frame outside of 5 years should be challenged as to whether it’s appropriate.


Examples for Brand Vision Statement 

For Alforex: (A probiotic specific for IBS)

Better gut health and wellbeing for all in this world with IBS – for today and tomorrow

For Hylo: (A product for chronically dry eyes)

So you can see a tear in the eyes and soothe the grief

For Dove: moisturizing lotion

At Dove, there is a vision of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. 

Craft a Grand Brand Vision, Build a Great Brand

Written by:

Vivek Hattangadi
Chief Mentor at ‘The Enablers’

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