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Case Study: Choose the right target to increase Pharma sales in IPD


Case 5 compressed

Patient type & Medication:

Patient Age – Cancer Patients

Medication – Post-radiation skin cream

Prescribed dosage – Post Cancer radiation therapy till a week

Scenario: There are various types of creams which are available in the market, that need to be applied on the skin post cancer radiation therapy. The sales of Cream X are going down & the Sales person was given the task to increase its sales volume.

Problem statement: To increase the sales of Cream X in the hospital pharmacy.

Sales person Mr. Xram did an analysis & started to find out the solution. In one of the sales review meeting he could sense that the sales of other territory is constantly increasing. On analysis he could figure out that the sales of other territory is increasing because the nurses taking care of patients post radiation are actually preferring the cream X. At this Xram went to the hospital & started making calls on Nurses too along with the Cancer Specialist. He could also communicate to nurses of his territory that the nurses in other hospitals are very happy with the product & highlighted the differentiation points of Cream X.

Slowly & gradually the sales started to increase in the pharmacy due to preferential ordering of the medication by Nurses. The staff like Nursing also have their say in decision making by Physician. So, targeting Whom & How is Important.

Take away: It need to be analysed, who all are involved in the decision making of prescriptions. Although Physicians write the prescriptions as per their discretion but sometimes preferences by Nursing staff also have impact on their prescribing habits. So making calls of Nurses may be a novel idea to increase the prescription of a drug in IPD settings. In a Nutshell: For Pharma Selling its of utmost importance to analyze who all are involved in the decision making of a prescription.

Disclaimer: The case study is designed for understanding & learning the various concepts of Pharma Industry functioning. We do not intend to promote or demote any drug or company with these case studies. There may be more & better solutions related to case studies & and users are advised to use their discretion while applying these learnings. If by chance, any connection is found with any of the components of pharma functioning, it may be considered purely incidental & should be reported at for quick remediation.

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