Patient type & Medication:

Patient Age: 63 years, Male

Medication: Anti-hypertensive

Prescribed dosage: 3 times a day

Problem statement: How to position & Sell Newer Sustained Release (SR) or Longer Acting (LA) drug against Older versions which have multiple dosing schedule like TDS or BD.

Thought Process: Create a patient type for the HCP (Health Care Practitioner) Visualization & then establish the “Value” of Newer version of Drug. Finally connect the Value with its higher Costs.

Here are few Options that can be used. You can also mention statements that can be useful for this case in comment section.

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Statement - 1

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Short acting drugs do not last long in the bloodstream so they need dosing of three to four times per day while the SR/LA forms require to be taken only once per day. Long acting drugs are slowly released in the bloodstream resulting in constant levels throughout the day even with single doses.

Statement - 2

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The habit of prescribing older versions of drugs will take some time to go away & it will happen only after the value of newer drug is established. Constant effort is required to change the concept.

Statement - 3

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Its proven that as dosing requirements increase, compliance levels will drop. Discuss on compliance & adherence issues of taking medications with short acting schedules.

Statement - 4

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Old age patients usually have forgetfulness issues, so taking medication once a day will improve adherence.

Statement - 5

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Sustained release medications keep the concentration Level of drug as per requirement thus bringing a better treatment outcome.

Take away: If proper patient type is explained & the Value of drug attached to treatment outcomes can be established, newer drugs with higher price tags can be sold easily. Remember Changing the Belief of HCPs will Change their Behaviour.

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