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Patient type & Medication:

Patient Age – Post Menopausal Women

Medication – Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Prescribed dosage – Once a Week

Earlier Blockbuster Drug X: Efficacy is 95% & safety profile is also good but made via a process which uses Goat urine.

Newly launched Drug Y: Clinical trials data show efficacy of 94% & safety equivalent to drug X but it is made through a process using natural vegetables & not urine of any animal.

Problem statement: How to position & Sell newly launched HRT drug against number one blockbuster molecule by using patient perspective & demand. 

Thought Process: A marketeer should not only keep an eye over attributes of own drugs but should also analyse the competitor molecule & social perceptions. Here the patient preferences depend upon a lot of factors & an inclination toward natural products is always more & preferred. Since, the efficacy & safety of both Drugs X & Y are similar but patient preference of using natural product can be harnessed here by positioning it a nature derived product.

Here are few Options that can be used. You can also mention statements or any practical scenario that can be useful for this case in comment section. 

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1. Analyzing the patient demand

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Analysis of patient demand of natural derivatives to be done. In a society like India, the preference is more towards the natural products.

2. By the use of Social Group Communication

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Differentiator points to be informed to the users in Social groups. This type of information spreads into the use base pretty fast.

3. Analyse the patient demand from the Doctor

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Its important to ask whether patients are demanding the naturally derived HRT or do they still have the preference towards blockbuster drug X.

4. Promotional material

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Put informative material related to this naturally derived product at the Doctor’s clinic.

Take away: The blockbuster molecule can be toppled down if the Positive value of a new product can be synchronized with the belief system of Users. Communicating the differentiator points to the users will be the key here.

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