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Case Study

Discover the Power of One in Pharma Marketing

Case Study Dr. Sana Shakir is a consulting endocrinologist and a KOL. A lot of medical reps from various companies try to reach her. But she avoids meeting 95% of them. The reason? Communication that is delivered...

The Power of Touch in Advertising!

It began in 1974, when I first proudly held the shiny-black leather bag of a medical representative. A question that piqued me then – how can I make Diovol the ‘Darling Brand’ of doctors?  I...

Buying process: Relevance to Pharma Sales

Marketing is basically Removal of Hitches (Temporary objections) between the Sales & Buying. Buying & Selling are the most important steps in any drug’s life cycle. More we understand the buying & selling process, better we can make the marketing plan. And for that, we need to understand the hitches in buying & selling of any drug.

The Power of Brand Energy


Case Study: How to make good sales calls on Doctors – Using the concept of Elevator Pitch

Doctor Category – High Priority on Call Prescribing Potential – High Problem Statement: Doctor X does not have much time for taking MR calls. How to make effective calls to Doctor X in 60 to 90...

Case Study: Choose the right target to increase Pharma sales in IPD

Patient type & Medication: Patient Age – Cancer Patients Medication – Post-radiation skin cream Prescribed dosage – Post Cancer radiation therapy till a week Scenario: There are various types of creams which are available in the market,...

Case Study: Utilizing Patient Belief & Need in Pharmaceutical Selling

Patient type & Medication: Patient Age – Post Menopausal Women Medication – Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Prescribed dosage – Once a Week Earlier Blockbuster Drug X: Efficacy is 95% & safety profile is also good but made...

Case Study: How to sell, when Side Effects of a Newly Launched Drug is a Concern!

Patient type & Medication: Patient Age – 29 years, Female Medication – Contraceptive Pills Prescribed dosage – Once a day Side Effect: Pulsating Headache after taking the drug. Problem statement: If there is a serious concern about side...

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