Many narcotics drugs are clandestinely produced in Pharma plant in adjoining  Himachal Pradesh and smuggled into Punjab and Haryana. These units which are running in losses are out to make some quick money for their survival. Though Himachal Government has of late taken some tough measures by taking strict actions against some senior drug officers but a lot remains to be done. The border areas between the states are extremely porous and at many points the geographical areas of the states overlap each other thus making the  authorities task more difficult.  Besides, drug peddlers in Punjab are also known to seek refuge in Haryana. The Governments of all the three states needs to adopt following measures in order to curb the menace :-

– The border areas should be made leak proof by having special security force for round the clock vigil .

– The existing nexus between police and drug paddlers must be broken at all costs .

– Plain clothes guards should be stationed outside schools , colleges and shopping malls and nab suspicious characters looking to sell drugs the vulnerable youth .

– Government approved  and licenced rehabilitation centers should only be allowed to operate .

The rehab centers should have trained and professional staff who should follow a feed back mechanism system .

– The periodic feedback on improvement of addict’s condition must be shared with his parents and relatives and should also be posted on Government’s website . 

– After getting cured all efforts should be made to rehabilitate the former addicts by teaching them job oriented skills .

– They should also be referred to psychologists who can help to raise their self esteem .

– Eventually they should be absorbed in the mainstream and under no circumstances should be allowed to live with the stigma .

Written by:

Vidhyasha Pharmaceuticals