Medical Representative Induction (Fresher & Experienced) by First Line Manager


Induction of Medical Representative is a crucial & mandatory step which leads to a better orientation of the new recruit, optimization of performance, lowering down of attrition & much more. In my Learning & Development series “Supervising to Managing to Leading” which is meant for the managers of pharmaceutical industry is the real process of Evolution of a Professional.  You will appreciate that whenever a medical representative plans his career to take up to the next level, he has to pass through this process when he enters in the shoes of first line manager. The best thing he can do is to supervise the job functions of his team members to start with, since he has been elevated on account of the same. Therefore that is the best he can contribute to the team and the organization initially. But one must remember that by just performing mere supervising job one cannot establish himself nor can progress further to the next level.  And therefore this Theory OF Evolution For Pharma Professionals comes in picture. Learn here Why Induction is so important?

So when you get elevated as a first line manager and start performing as supervisor, the real test comes to you when you get an opportunity to induct a medical representative in your team. Now for Induction you may get:

  • A fresh recruit (who is just starting his career under you)
  •  An experienced Medical Representative (of your own company transferred from the other headquarter)
  •  An experienced Medical Representative (of the other company joining your company at the same H.Q.)

Please remember in all the three situations induction has to play a vital role and you are the key person in this game.

If the person happens to be a new recruit starting his career then you have to deal with him differently; whereas you will be dealing differently the induction of the other two types of professionals. But the problem is we believe that the experience persons know the job and keeping that in mind we don’t pay much attention to their induction.

Case – 1: The case one for induction i.e. the Fresh Recruit: needs to be attended with the basic 5-Essentials of the functional segments; i.e. Market, Products, People, System, Vision. Learn how to do the complete process of Induction of Medical Representative (Fresher).

Case – 2: The Experienced Medical Representative you get to induct in your team. Now this is totally different than the induction of fresher. This Induction to be attended as more of orientation instead induction. And there can be variety of situation to induct Experienced Medical Representative.

2-A:  The Medical Representative is transferred from the other H.Q.:  you need to remember that if a person is coming from other headquarters after getting transfer then also, he needs induction because of the market requirements, product matrix and customers; which will be totally different. The working conditions may be similar but it will never be the same. Out of the 5-Essentials he might know the Products, & System; but Market, Customers & Vision needs to be attended with him in the induction.

2-B: The experienced Medical Representative is joining from other company:

  1. From other company at the same headquarter: Here you must understand that he might be knowing the Market and Customers but not with the point of view of your company. Therefore, needs orientation and induction for products, system and vision.
  2. From other company and other headquarter: Whereas in this case you have to induct and go for orientation with regards to his/her experience. So induct with caution and do the orientation with care.

Learn how to do the complete process of Induction of Medical Representative (Experienced).

These are the vital points we usually miss as a first line manager most of the time and take induction period as a comfort zone for ourselves. We usually put the new joiner on the assignment of detailing practicing and relax and then afterwards pay the price for that. 

You as a First Line Manager must not forget that induction is the only period to establish the essence of 5 – Essentials effectively.

Therefore looking into the need and the sensitivity of the subject INDUCTION, providing a learning course which is focused on the induction of a newly recruited medical representative. However will be providing you soon on the induction of the experienced medical representatives also.  Believe my words of experience, with effective induction your team will be performing and you will be enjoying along with your team member professionally.

Author: Mahendra S. Bisht

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