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Myths & Facts about Medical Representative (MR) Job


Myth-1: Medical representative job is not a permanent job.

It is a permanent job after successful completion of probation period which is usually for six months.

Myth-2: Only science and pharmacy graduates can become Medical representative.

Science and pharmacy graduates are preferred because of their subject knowledge but with our Career Builder Program we develop you in such a manner that you possess an equal edge in the interviews despite graduating from other streams.

Myth-3: Medical Representative looses the job on not doing target.

Every job is having an objective to be achieved. The myth is by not doing the business numbers as target Medical Representative looses the job. But the fact is there are other objectives too expected from Medical Representative. e.g. coverage of  customers.

Myth-4: Medical Representative doesn’t have fix working hours and need to work 12 to 14 hours a day.

As the job profile of Medical Representative is based on coverage of market and customers instead fixed working hours; therefore it always depends on your skills as how smartly and quickly you complete your day’s work with planning.

Myth-5: Medical Representatives get salary on achievement of target only.

Achievement of target is one of the job responsibilities of Medical Representative therefore salary payment doesn’t depend solely on target achievement.

Myth-6: Medical Representatives job is not a dignified job. They work as agent.

It is a dignified job. But since we ourselves opt for this profession as a last option after getting dejected in our attempts at all other job options; therefore we perceive it is not a dignified profession. This myth is created by us only. When we join this profession as a career option by choice then we value it.

Myth-7: Medical Representatives job is not having future career.

Sales & Marketing in pharmaceutical industry is the only profession where to reach to the top the entry point is Medical Representative position only. With start as a Medical representative one may reach up to the level of company President depending on his/her skills and caliber.

Myth-8: Medical Representative job is good in multinationals only.

With the focus on regular customer service and quality of products these things are the stories of past.

Myth-9: Medical Representative don’t  get any other privilege other than salary like other jobs.

Starting your career in a reasonable system oriented company one gets all the benefits of scheduled leaves and holidays, Daily work allowance (D.A.), Travel allowance (T.A.), House rent allowance (H.R.A.), City allowance, Provident fund (P.F.), Gratuity, Medical assistance, Leave encashment, Bonus, Leave travel assistance (L.T.A.) and rather more than that like performance incentives in the form of cash rewards and foreign trips; which is not a privilege in other jobs.

Myth-10: In Sales & Marketing career with pharmaceutical industry the future packages are not competitive with other industries.

In Sales & Marketing of pharmaceutical industry rather packages are much higher than the other industries. With the start of an annual package range of Rs. 1.80 to Rs. 3.00 lakh as a Medical Representative, one may reach to a package range of Rs. 50 to Rs. 60 lakh with continuous growth. This is the only industry where employees are paid similarly but not the same. For example in a company a fresher may join at a package of Rs. 1.80 lakh also and Rs. 2.50 lakh also. This all depends on your potential and performance.

You can also explore the Medical Representative – Career Builder Program if you want to make a successful career in Pharma Sales & Marketing.

Author: Mahendra S. Bisht

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