Requirements are as follows:
a) Validation Team
b) Objective
c) Scope
d) Responsibility
e) Equipment description
f) Operation Checks:

i) Verify calibration of instrument associated with equipment

ii) Verify PLC (Programmable Logic Control) validation of equipment

iii)  Control Panel Testing to perform to verify the response of equipment at input from various switches and push button

iv) Power and Communication failure recovery: It is performed to verify the event of a power loss or communication failure, the equipment will stop in safe conditions

                                      v) Safety feature verification: It is performed to verify the safety parameters to avoid damage to equipments

g) Verification of Standard Equipment/ Master Equipment used for qualification:

                                        i) List of enclosures

                                       ii) Training Certification

                                      iii) Change control procedure

                                      iv) Qualification Certification

                                       v) Summary & Conclusion

                                      vi) Document Revision History

h) OQ report shall be complied by : Officer to Senior Executive Engineer

Checked by: Senior Executive

Reviewed by: Executive or Senior Manager QA and plant head

Approved by: QA Head


i) If conclusion of protocol is not satisfactory than rectify the problem and re-perform the OQ

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