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1. When was Cipla Incorporated?

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2. What is the annual turnover of Cipla & How many Employees are contributing to it?

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3. How many products in Cipla basket & in how many countries it operates?

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4. Cipla has over ______ manufacturing facilities for API and formulations

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5. In a Landmark step, Cipla pushed the price of (AIDS) ARV medications down to an affordable $1 a day, when did this happen?

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6. In 2018 Cipla partners with _________ (Pharma MNC) India to create greater access to key medicines?

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7. In 2018, what is the market share & Branded Generic Sales revenue for Cipla in India?

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(*Advised to check Cipla website for real time data)

8. Cipla has acquired 40% stake in_______, an Indian biotech company and 25% stake in______, a biotech company in Hong Kong.

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9. For Cipla, where is the facility dedicated to manufacture monoclonal antibodies in India?

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10. What had been the Revenue from Operations from the 2012-13 to 2015-16 & CAGR?

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