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SOP : Cleaning of Glassware


1.Objective :

To lay down the procedure for Cleaning of Glassware used in laboratory.

2. Scope :

This SOP provides general instructions for Cleaning of Glassware used in laboratory.

3. Responsibility :

Quality Control Department

4. Procedure :

4.1 Glassware Cleaning Procedure :

  • Clean the glassware at its designated place.
  • Wear the suitable protecting appliances for the cleaning and drying of used glassware.
  • Take the used glassware to the designated place and decant the liquid into the liquid waste bin and solid waste into dedicated solid waste bin.
  • Rinse the glassware thoroughly with tap water to remove any adhering solid from the surface by using nylon brush.
  • Decant the process water into wash basin by keeping glasswares vertically.
  • Preparation of Detergent solution: For example, Take about 5.0 ml of Hemtop in a clean and dry 500 ml beaker, and dilute to the mark with process water. Record the activity in log.
  • Add small quantity of the detergent solution (1% Hemtop solution) in uncleaned glassware and shake the glassware to cover whole surface by the detergent solution.
  • Rinse the glassware thoroughly under running tap water.
  • Flush the Glassware with Methanol and keep it in a suitable clean tray for drying.
  • Dry the washed glassware in an oven at 75° C.
  • After drying, remove the glassware and keep it at its respective place for the use.
  • Dry the pipettes and burettes with dry air.

4.2 Glassware Handling Procedure :

  • Use tray or trolley to carry the glassware from one place to another place.
  • Use rubber gloves while cleaning the glassware.
  • Do not move the tray/ trolley with glassware more than its carrying capacity.
  • Do not use cracked, chipped or ragged edge glassware.
  • Protect hands with safety gloves while inserting glass tubing into rubber stoppers as during operation it may cause glass shattering and always wet the glass tubing for easy insertion.
  • To shake a flask, hold at the neck and the bottom.
  • Remove broken glassware carefully by wiping off with a broom and then discard it in the waste bin.
  • Do not heat the beakers or flasks filled to volume more than two-third capacity by direct flame.

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