1.0       OBJECTIVE:

The objective of this SOP is:

1.1       To lay down a procedure for Cleaning and Sanitization of drain traps.

2.0       SCOPE:

2.1       This SOP is applicable for Cleaning and Sanitization of drain traps.


3.1       The Operator/Officer /Executive Production shall be

3.1.1    Responsible for Cleaning and Sanitization of drain traps.

3.1.2    Responsible for maintain the record for same.


Manager Production / Head – Quality Assurance

5.0       PROCEDURE:

5.1       Pre Start Up:

5.1.1    Check and ensure that area is cleaned.

5.1.2    Ensure the availability of Water for Injection (WFI) and cleaning agent.

5.1.3    Prepare the disinfectant solution as per schedule.

5.2       Start up:

5.2.1    Open the perforated lid of the all drain trap of washing area.

5.2.2    Pour one bucket of WFI and allow it to drain completely one by one of all drain trap.

5.2.3    Clean the all drain trap perforated lid and cup with nylon brush.

5.2.4    Pour 500 ml quantity of disinfectant solution prepared in the each drain trap and do not use the drain for 30 minute.

5.2.5    Place the each perforated lid in its position.

5.2.6    Record the cleaning and disinfection of drain traps.

5.3       Cleaning frequency: Daily after operation activity.