1.0       OBJECTIVE:

The objective of this SOP is:

1.1       To lay down a procedure for Cleaning & Disinfection of Packing Area.

2.0       SCOPE:

2.1       This SOP is applicable for Cleaning & Disinfection of Packing Area.


3.1       The Operator/Officer /Executive shall be

3.1.1    Responsible for Cleaning & Disinfection of Packing Area.


Manager Production / Head – Quality Assurance

5.0       PROCEDURE:

5.1       It is the responsibility of each and every person working in packing area to maintain the area and equipment in a neat, clean and orderly manner.

5.2       All the utensils used in packing, crates and machines after use must be cleaned in appropriate cleaning solutions, rinsed with water and dried.

5.3       All used material containers and polyethylene bags and other debris must be removed from the area and disposed as immediately as possible after use.

5.4       All the machines shall be cleaned at the end of day’s work.

5.5       Area shall be cleaned with vacuum cleaner (floors, walls and ceilings) to remove the dust.

5.6       The doors and window glasses shall be cleaned with Colin solution using lint free cloth.

5.7       The floor shall be mopped with appropriate detergent solution after cleaning of area.

5.8       When cleaning has been completed,  in-charge packing, must check, and approve the area/equipment.