1.0 OBJECTIVE:- To lay down the procedure for operation and calibration of Hot Air Oven.

2.0 SCOPE:- This procedure applicable for operation and calibration of Hot Air Oven.

3.0 RESPONSIBILITY: Quality Manager/Technical Manager


          4.1     OPERATION:-

4.1.1   Ensure that the instrument and its surroundings are clean.

4.1.2 Switch on the Mains.

4.1.3   Switch on the fan by push upside the switch at the front panel to ‘ON’                                     position.

4.1.4   Set the required temperature of hot air oven by pressing the up (˄) and                                 down   (˅) buttons on digital temperature controller to set the temperature.

4.1.5 The screen shows the current temperature of oven and set temperature of                            oven.

4.1.6 At the end of operation switch off the fan by push downside the switch at the                        front panel to ‘OFF’ position.

4.1.7 Switch off the Mains.


4.2.1 For the calibration of Hot Air Oven use a standard thermometer ranging upto 2000

4.2.2 Set the oven at desired temperature.

4.2.3 Start the calibration procedure after the oven reaching the set temperature through the passage providing in the right and left side.

4.2.4 Put the standard thermometer for 15 minutes in upper shelf of oven and close the door of oven.

4.2.5 After 15 minutes read the temperature of standard thermometer randomly and match the observed temperature of thermometer.

4.2.6 Take three readings at each set temperature i.e 600 C, 800 C, 1050 C, 1200 C, 1600 C and 1800 C respectively.

4.2.7 The observed temperature of thermometer should be ± 2.0 0C tolerance limit to the set temperature value.


4.3.1 Ensure that the fan is in working condition during the operation.

4.3.2 Do not spill any chemical or water on the tray of oven.

4.3.3 Tong should be use to place/remove the glassware or any material from the oven.


5.1 Annexure-I Logbook for Hot Air Oven

5.2 Annexure-II Calibration Record of Hot Air Oven