1. Purpose :
 To lay down the procedure for signature log.

2.Scope :
 This procedure is applicable to all employees working in a company including contractual workers also.

i. Employee:
 Shall fill the relevant details in specimen signature record & shall ensure to sign the same as recorded in log.
ii. Personnel & Administration Person
 Shall maintain the Specimen Signature Log
 Shall update the same while joining & relieving of employee.

4. Definitions:
 GMP Records: All records which directly or indirectly and individually or collectively control the strength, identity, safety, purity and quality of a drug product.

5. Procedure:
 During joining of an employee, Personnel & Administration person shall take signature of employee in Specimen Signature Log, which shall be maintained department wise.
 Employee shall record their full signature & short signature in the Specimen Signature Log before signing in any GMP related document & employee should ensure that he /she can do either their long or short signatures in any GMP records which have been recorded by them in log .
 This signature log shall be updated while relieving of an employee along with their relieving date. (Refer Format) & it should be reviewed periodically.

 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
 GMP : Good Manufacturing Practices


Department   : ___________________

Employee IDFull SignatureShort SignatureDate of Joining Date of