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Why doctors are averse to ‘New Products’?

Case Study – Why doctors are averse to ‘new products’?  Praveen and Naveen, the brand managers at V & V Pharmaceuticals were discussing the launch of new pharma products in India.  A leading consulting physician Dr....

Are you managing yourself in order to manage your boss? : Knowing the battle

Event Update, Delhi 21st Feb 2022 Can you Manage your Boss? PharmasState Academy, a learning and development platform for the pharmaceutical industry, conducted a transformative webinar for professionals, delivering vital insights on the case study “Can you...

Measuring Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness – Case Study

Harish, the Zonal Sales Manager at V & V Pharma was in a board room meeting with other middle-level managers which was presided over by their HR Chief Ajay Bhatkal. “What exactly is SFE?”...

Buying process: Relevance to Pharma Sales

Marketing is basically Removal of Hitches (Temporary objections) between the Sales & Buying. Buying & Selling are the most important steps in any drug’s life cycle. More we understand the buying & selling process, better we can make the marketing plan. And for that, we need to understand the hitches in buying & selling of any drug.

The Power of Brand Energy


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