Why Up-Skilling is required in Pharma Industry?


It’s an old saying “Change or DIE” but it holds true in every sense & in all times. Darwin clearly says that Survival of the fittest is the biggest phenomenon that happened at the time of Apocalypse. It’s a well-known fact that during the apocalypse, those who have potential to change & adapt will survive & not the strongest ones.

The change is inevitable & will happen for sure. With the advent of newer technologies in each & every industry, the last 20 years have been like an age of rocket shift. Work Environment changed & so the expectations with workers. If typically, that is applied into the pharma industry, there has been changes in the technology, rules, regulations, policies & the way decision makers look at the Pharma industry has also changed substantially.

Those who could change, moved faster in the growth chart & those who could not………….you know what I mean!

Whatever had happened is the past, but the future is even more volatile to change. Now we need to change but even with a faster rate. New ways have come up in pharma industry for work purpose. To adapt to these ways of work, constantly new skills are required.

What is Up-skilling: If we go by dictionary “the process of improving workers’ skills, so that they are better at their Jobs”. Earlier it used to be the duty of the employer to constantly up-skill the employees by using various learning & development tools, to keep the pace with changing times but in contemporary times the onus lies more with the Employee.

Here are a few reasons which clearly state why we should Up-skill in Pharma Industry…because the current skills will be oblivion soon. So constantly up-skilling is required.

  1. Huge industry with huge growth potential: Pharma industry is growing in its revenue base & with the IBEF reports clearly stating a projection of $55 Billion by 2020 from Current $25Billion the expectations are even better. More opportunities are waiting in the future but those opportunities will require skills that can suit the contemporary times. So tighten the belts for JET, SET & GO…
  2. Changes in technology: Remember the days pharma professionals used diaries to pen down the work. But with the advent of new softwares, only fingers are required to work. No more Pens Please…. With this IT industry there is a paradigm shift in the ways work is done & reported. No one can deny the matter of fact that we need to change as per technology changing.
  3. Social media & Change in work behavior: The social media has come up so strongly that any news can circulate with the speed & wings of fire. Any act caught on social media may be disastrous. The shares of Pharma companies go bullish & bearish with every new information appearing on the social media. So pharma professionals need to be very cautious with the behavior patterns while dealing with internal & external customers. No one can get away with bad words now, because some or other camera is watching you.
  4. Need to differentiate: More & more competition is coming up in the pharma industry as every year new graduates & researchers join the bandwagon of Pharma Industry. The hard fact is that this is the world of competition & the professional need to bring something on the table that can define him/her as extraordinary. New skill sets are required every day. Constant learning is a must.
  5. Pharma Companies focus on L & D: Most of the larger organizations invest heavily in their talent offering opportunities to adapt, upskill, and move up the career ladder with right skill-set. The reason is very simple, they know that the current skills cannot lead to the growth of the organization as a whole. To grow constantly & compete, their employees need to adapt to the newer technology, research & behavior methodology. The employees should take the full advantage of learning maximum from the learning & development trainings provided by the organizations.

So, in a nut shell it can be said that: Change or Die holds true all the time & for all industries.  Up-skilling is one of the ways which can keep us alive as the Pharma Industry changes with a Jet rocket speed. Be ready for it…

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