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What is the Starting Salary After B. Pharm?

Usually B. Pharm students have following options after passing the course. Students of M. Pharm will have the opportunity to command better salaries.

Hospital pharmacist, Production & Manufacturing, Pharma representative & more (mentioned in the table below)

Broadly categorised under following classes:

Government sector

Private sector


Post Higher Education opportunities

This is how the starting salary structure looks like for Pharmacy freshers. 


The Snapshot of starting Salary structure for B. Pharm, M. Pharm & PHD.

Job Type Salary Range (But not limited to) Remarks
Government Pharmacist Rs. 45000/year x 2yrs then Rs. 56000/year + other allowances Allowances as per Govt. Rules
Medical Representative (Marketing) Rs. 18000/- to Rs. 35000/-
Production and quality Control Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 20000/-
Regulatory Affairs Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 18000/-
Medical Underwriting Training period Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 12000/-

Post training- Rs. 20000/-

After 2 to 3 yrs experience can be ranging as Rs. 35000/- to Rs. 40000/-
Retail Pharmacy (Private) Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 20000/-
Post M. Pharm Rs. 12000/- to Rs. 30000/- prestigious Institute like NIPER, BITS etc. provide better placements
B. Pharm + MBA Rs. 20000/- plus Reputation of MBA college matters here too
MS Pharma Salary better than M. Pharm MNCs Preferred
PHD Starting can be Rs. 40000/- or above Higher salaries in Developed countries
This is an approximation of starting salaries & salary ranges may change as per changing business environment.

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