A pharmaceutical company incorporated in 2016 with a dream to serve the Indian Pharmaceutical industry aspired to be a patient and physician centric, innovative, best-in-class pharmaceutical company.

The company was incorporated in 2016 with an ambition to become a leading provider of healthcare products and services in India and beyond.

The dream was appreciable but the company needed a culture that can drive it on the path which required a different DNA than its parent.

It’s been 1 year or so & the company is downsizing. Today, the Pharma industry is whispering with dismay on the sudden downsizing activity by the firm.4

There are a few things to learn from this incident:

  1. Those being fired should have thought a bit more before joining the new venture as it always takes time for a company to build its culture & grow. There will be mismatch in the initial years but slowly & gradually things improve. Once the culture & DNA is established, it stays for long. If it was a risk, it might have been a bigger gain too.


  1. Rome was not built in a day: On papers, a company can be formed in a few days but to build the real company with active employees takes time, there is no shortcut to success.


    3. It’s never too late: It’s totally on the founders to chase the dream with immense dedication or just put down the resources thinking it’s not going to work. Just analyze the gaps & find solutions to fill that. Start Afresh!


  1. Pardon me, for using the harsh words here, but those who have been relieved, just go for new opportunities & you will get it soon. The bulls got you because you were special & still you are!


 Note: Name of the company is not being mentioned, as the official announcement is yet to come. This blog is written on the basis of information analyzed from the social media platforms. We do not take the responsibility of this news to be true to the core until any official announcement comes. We will update official announcement as and when available.